The Teachers' Union of Ireland is to ballot members on an agreement reached with the Department of Education aimed at addressing members' concerns.

In a communication to members, the TUI Executive has called for acceptance of the deal.

The TUI rejected the Lansdowne Road agreement.

Its members have since voted to engage in industrial action in campaigns to improve employment conditions and resourcing at both the third and second level/further education sectors.

The union's executive says the proposed agreement would in effect mean that its members have not repudiated the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

It says this would enable it to use a precedent set recently in a deal for firefighters to improve pay for new entrant teachers.

In that deal, firefighters agreed a pay rise to address lower pay introduced for new entrants in 2012.

The fact that new entrants teachers are paid substantially less is a critical one for teachers. 

Unlike its sister union the ASTI, the TUI has been in discussions with the Department of Education over issues of concern to its members.

Regarding concerns over the growth of precarious and part-time employment at third level, the agreement commits both parties to immediate talks on the implementation of recommendations made in a previous report.

They also agree to a "robust" review of in-school management structures at second level. Teachers are very concerned by the loss of middle management posts in schools.

The TUI/Department of Education agreement commits to an immediate review of how the so-called Croke Park hours are used.

These are additional working hours agreed under the Haddington Road Agreement.

The ASTI is currently balloting members on whether to withdraw from them when Haddington Road expires next month.

The Croke Park hours are currently used for parent-teacher and school planning meetings.

The document says the review -  which will involve the department, the teacher unions, and school management bodies -  will make recommendations to optimise "the most professional and valuable usage of the additional hours by teachers".