Two loggerhead turtles have been released back into the ocean by the LÉ Róisín while it was en route to the Mediterranean.

Both turtles, Una and Tallula, were rescued in Ireland and the UK. Tallula was found on a beach at Gwithian in Cornwall, England. She was then taken to the Blue Reef Aquarium at Newquay.

Una, the other turtle, was found by Una Mullin and her father-in-law while walking on Maloney’s Beach near Dunworley in Barryroe, west Cork last December.  

Ms Mullin said contact was made with the ISPCA and she was then put in contact with the turtle sanctuary in Dingle, Co Kerry.

The turtle was brought to the sanctuary where it was cared for by its staff.

According to Ms Mullin, the turtle was put on a saline drip, had a number of sores and was critical for a few days. At the time, she only weighed 15kg.

Once Una was nursed back to health, and a healthy weight of 23kg, Kevin Flannery of Dingle Oceanworld contacted the Irish Naval Service and asked whether the ship deploying to the Mediterranean could deliver the two loggerhead turtles to a suitable environment.

Once the navy approved this, Tallula was sent from England to Dingle to be deployed as well.

Footage released by the Irish Naval Service shows the two turtles being released into the ocean while the navy was en route to the Mediterranean for humanitarian duties.