Police in Australia have issued a warrant for an Irishman who was found guilty of a violent assault in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria.

David Mulligan, 33, is being sought by police after he failed to turn up for an appeal hearing.

In September 2014 he was arrested and charged for the assault of Australian man Karl Nissen. CCTV footage of the assault assisted police in their investigation.

However, the judge in the case refused to watch the video despite repeated requests from the prosecutor.

The judge said it was not relevant since the facts of the case were agreed and he imposed a suspended sentence on Mulligan.

During an appeal hearing, three Supreme Court judges said the sentence was inadequate and Mulligan was ordered to serve 12 months in prison.

They said the video revealed the full extent of the attack, which they described as "ferocious".

However, Mulligan failed to show up in court and police in Australia have issued a warrant for his arrest and released his photograph.

They have also placed an alert on his passport to prevent him from leaving the country.