The Health Information and Quality Authority has forced the St John of God Services to close a residential centre for people with disabilities in Co Louth.

St John of God North East Services moved 15 residents out of the centre in the second half of last year after thirty breaches of regulation were identified during an inspection in May.

15 people were receiving care and accommodation in the centre on the Drumcar, Co Louth campus when it was inspected last May.

It failed to comply in a major way with regulations in seven of the eight areas surveyed.

Today's report states that deficiencies in governance and management systems identified earlier in the year had persisted.

Healthcare was not being provided consistently to residents while there was insufficient staffing, an absence of staff supervision and of appropriate risk management.

Positive behaviour support plans were not being implemented and too many people were living in the centre considering its size and layout.

30 breaches of regulation were identified during the May inspection, 17 of which were the responsibility of St John of God Services while 13 were attributed to the person in charge.

As a result HIQA's Chief Inspector issued a Notice of Proposal to Cancel the centre's registration.

The St John of God North East Services committed to the closure and the centre ceased operation in December 2015 after alternative placements were found for all residents.