A hundred Irish troops who have been serving with the United Nations in the Golan Heights have arrived back at Dublin Airport following a six-month tour of duty.

Irish troops have been deployed in the region since 2013 and have helped the UN maintain a ceasefire between Israel and Syria and enforce a 1974 UN resolution in the area.

The returning 50th Infantry Batallion was the fifth Irish contingent to be deployed on a six-month tour of duty with the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force.

UNDOF was established in the Golan Heights following the Six Day War between Israel, Syria and Egypt in 1973, but the region has become increasingly unstable in recent times.

The troops provide armoured force protection for UNDOF personnel, and provide support for observation posts throughout the area of separation.

The area of separation in the Golan Heights region between Israel and Syria is over 75km long, and varies in width between 10km and 200m. 

The terrain is hilly and dominated in the north by Mount Hermon.