A large proportion of money allocated by a European fund to retrain workers who lost their jobs after a factory closure in Dublin two years ago may be returned.

Just under 40% of the money that was available under the European Globalisation Fund is likely to be spent, according to new figures.

In December 2013 after more than 400 staff at the Lufthansa Technik plant in Rathcoole, Dublin, lost their jobs, the European Globalisation Fund provided money to retrain these workers.

Figures released under the Freedom of Information Act to Sinn Féin show that €1.5m of the €2.5m given by the fund may be returned.

The party now wants an urgent focus on retraining younger people who lost jobs.

TD Eoin Ó Broin said community organisations must be given a role in this programme.

Internal correspondence also revealed that those managing the fund for the Lufthansa Technik workers believe there has been insufficient input from other state agencies.

A statement from the Department of Education said the fund co-ordinators would continue to try to maximise the numbers participating in the programme which runs until next September.

Previously former Education Minister Ruairi Quinn apologised to workers after some €25m was returned to the European fund.

It had been allocated to retrain workers following the collapse of the construction sector and the closure of factories by major employers such as Dell and Waterford Crystal.