A rapist has lost a case he took against the State after his phone calls were recorded in prison.

Michael Murray, 44, with an address in Killiney, Dublin, is serving a 15-year sentence for abducting a child and raping their mother.

The High Court found that while the recording of his calls was inappropriate and should not have occurred, the recordings were made inadvertently and not accessed.

His appeal of that ruling was dismissed today as without substance and merit and costs were awarded against Murray, who uttered insults at the judges as he was led away.

The Inspector of Prisons is investigating the recording of telephone calls in the prisons and can, if he deems it necessary, refer his report upon completion to the Fennelly Commission.

Mr Justice Nial Fennelly is investigating the recording of telephone calls at garda stations and has said it would take 27 years to listen to all of the tapes.

The revelation that these calls were being recorded led to the retirement of former garda commissioner Martin Callinan after Taoiseach Enda Kenny sent the then secretary general of the Department of Justice to his home in March 2014.

The commission's interim report found that the Taoiseach did not intend to put pressure on the former commissioner to retire.