The Confidential Recipient of complaints about the health service's treatment of vulnerable adults received 119 complaints in her first year and resolved two-thirds of them within a month.

But she said clients with disabilities are often left waiting for too long for important services and cited the case of a family who have been waiting five years for help.

It is more than a year since RTÉ's Investigation Unit exposed the abuse of residents at the Health Service Executive-run Áras Attracta facility in Co Mayo.

The HSE's response included the appointment of Leigh Gath as a Confidential Recipient of concerns about vulnerable adults receiving State or State-funded care.

Her report highlights the case of a young man with autism who was taken from community-based services "for assessment" and put on sedatives resulting in hospitalisation before being sent to another institution for two years despite his parent's pleas to have him returned to community services.

Following the family's complaint, he is now back in the community and being detoxed from the medication he was given while institutionalised.

Ms Gath also details the case of a young female with physical and intellectual disabilities who can experience up to 120 seizures a day.

She screams almost constantly because of headaches and her parents told Ms Gath they were not sleeping.

In response to her representations, the HSE established a short-term home care team which allows the parents to get respite at the homes of their adult children.

Meanwhile, a suitable residential care setting is being sought close to a major hospital.

Ms Gath is an independent voice for people with concerns.