A BBC programme tonight made new allegations about events surrounding the purchase of NAMA's Northern Ireland property portfolio in 2014. 

A Spotlight investigation claimed that a businessman who had served on NAMA's Northern Ireland Advisory Committee was, at different times, in line for payments from prospective purchasers of the property portfolio and from some developers who were set to benefit from the portfolio sale.

The programme transmitted what is said were secret recordings of the businessmen, Frank Cushnahan, as he held discussions at a Belfast hotel. 

It alleged that during those covert recordings Mr Cushnahan claimed that he was to benefit financially from the sale of the portfolio to the eventual purchaser, US firm, Cerberus as well as being lined up for a payment from another bidder, PIMCO, until its bid was unsuccessful.

The programme also alleged that Frank Cushnahan claimed to have influenced a draft Memorandum of Understanding reached between the potential bidder, PIMCO and some DUP ministers in the Northern Ireland Executive. 

The agreement would have protected developers from being pursued for personal guarantees they had given, if PIMCO succeeded in purchasing the NAMA portfolio.

Frank Cushnahan, a former banker and former chairman of Belfast's Harbour Commission, has close links with the DUP.

The purchase of the NAMA property portfolio and other matters are currently under investigation by the UK's National Crime Agency. Independent TD, Mick Wallace, raised the purchase of NAMA's Northern Ireland loan book in the Dáil last year. 

The purchase price, for what was the biggest property deal in Irish history, was almost £1.241 bn.