An appeal court judge in the United States has granted David Drumm an extension to file paperwork for his second appeal against his failed bid to be declared bankrupt in the US courts.

The deadline to file his opening brief, which had been 1 March, has now been moved to 26 April 2016.

In a motion granted today, the court said it was "disinclined to allow any further extension".

Earlier this week Mr Drumm moved to dismiss his bankruptcy lawyers, and he also withdrew his second appeal against a refusal to be granted bail while awaiting extradition from the US.

When applying for the eight-week extension earlier this week, Mr Drumm described it as "reasonable" given he plans to represent himself in the ongoing process.

Earlier this month, he informed the Massachusetts District Court that he was agreeing to the extradition request and wanted to return to Ireland as soon as possible.

His return to Ireland is currently being processed by the US justice system, as arrangements are  put in place for members of An Garda Síochána to travel to the US to collect him.