Former Anglo Irish Bank CEO David Drumm has dismissed his legal team in his continued appeal against a failed bid to be declared bankrupt in the US.

In legal documents filed tonight, Mr Drumm has asked for an eight-week extension to file his appeal papers, describing this as "reasonable" given that he plans to represent himself in his ongoing appeals process.

Mr Drumm is currently in a Massachusetts detention centre awaiting extradition to Ireland to face 33 charges relating to his time in charge at Anglo Irish Bank.

Earlier this month, he informed the Massachusetts District Court that he was agreeing to the extradition request and wanted to return to Ireland as soon as possible.

His return to Ireland is currently being processed by the US justice system, as arrangements are  put in place for members of An Garda Síochána to travel to the US to collect him.

Separately he had previously launched a second appeal against another court's rejection of his efforts to be declared bankrupt in the US so he could be discharged from his debts totaling around €11 million.

Mr Drumm’s original effort was rejected in January 2015 when Judge Frank Bailey issued a detailed 122 page judgment in which he described Mr Drumm as "not remotely credible".

Mr Drumm appealed that decision, but in November 2015, Appeal Judge Leo Sorokin upheld the original findings, ruling that "no mistake" had been made in relation to the original findings, that Mr Drumm's "intentional and fraudulent" failure to list transfers to his wife totaling €1 million were "wholly logical, plausible and supported by the record".

In December 2015 Mr Drumm indicated that he wished to appeal this decision to the US Circuit Court of Appeals.

Mr Drumm was scheduled to file his "opening brief" - a document setting out his reasons for taking the appeal - by 1 March.

He has asked the court for an eight week extension.

He cites several reasons for the delay, including that he has been incarcerated since 10 October 2015 - when he was arrested at his home on foot of the extradition warrant.

But also says that he intends to represent himself from here on and has dismissed his lawyers, so it would be "reasonable" to grant an eight week extension to give him extra time to prepare and submit the documents.

Mr Drumm states that as a result of his imprisonment and the "severe restrictions and limitations" of the detention facility and that his lawyers are based in New York, he has "not been able to adequately confer" with his lawyers and "review the record" before now.