Over 50 people arrested in garda operations tackling illegal drug supply are due before local courts.

Three garda operations were carried out in recent days in Cavan town, Portlaoise and Blanchardstown in west Dublin.

35 people were arrested in a 48-hour period as a result of the three separate garda operations aimed at tackling drug supply networks.

The undercover operations, which were specifically targeting the supply of heroin, have been running for the past six months, in response to growing public concern about drug misuse in local communities.

In total 54 people, 47 men and 7 women, aged from 15 to 49 will appear before the courts.

Operation Sarto, which was carried out in Cavan town, resulted in 19 arrests. In Portloaise, Operation Nero led to 16 arrests while 19 people were arrested during Operation Rhea in Blanchardstown.