An exhibition displaying graphic photographs of detainees from the Syria's prisons and detention centres has opened in Ireland for the first time.

The photographs in the Caesar Exhibition at the RHA Gallery in Dublin have been cited by UN agencies as clear evidence of systematic human rights violations by the Assad regime.

They were taken by a former military policeman of the Syrian army - known by the pseudonym 'Caesar' - who fled Syria in 2013.

He smuggled out with him over 55,000 photos of approximately 11,000 Syrians tortured by the Assad regime.

The images have since been verified by Human Rights Watch, as well as by the United Nations and the FBI, as credible evidence for future legal procedures.

The exhibition, hosted by the aid agency GOAL, has come to Ireland after stints at the UN in New York, US Congress and the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.

It has previously been on display in the UK Parliament Buildings in Westminster, and the European Parliament in Brussels.