Families who were evicted for health and safety reasons from an illegal halting site in Woodlands Park in Dundalk, Co Louth, say they are much more vulnerable now.

A number of families, who left the site with their caravans, today moved to another illegal site.

Yesterday, more than 17 families were evicted from Woodlands Park.

According to residents, six mobile homes and up to eight caravans remained at the site overnight.

Another seven caravans have since been removed.

Some families say they intend to stay until Monday but more evictions are due to take place then.

Earlier, some residents said they were being prevented from bringing cars onto the site to remove their own caravans and belongings from the site, adding that this has led to a stand-off with gardaí.

However, gardaí said all of the caravans taken off the site today were removed by their owners.

Since yesterday, gardaí seized one mobile home and up to five caravans, which have been impounded and taken to a site on Coes Road.

In a meeting last night, representatives of the Louth Traveller movement said they reached an agreement with Louth County Council that they would work with them to secure long-term specific Traveller accommodation.