Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has accused the Government of prioritising the wealthy and promised his party would deliver a fairer recovery.

In his keynote address at the party's Ard Fheis this evening, he aimed at rallying the troops before the coming election.

Mr Martin accused the Government of being arrogant and out of touch and of wanting a coronation rather than an election.

He said Fine Gael had delivered five budgets, all giving priority to the wealthy. 

Outling his policy proposals, he promised a fairer recovery, with tax changes that would benefit lower and middle income families - among them the reduction and eventual elimination of the USC and an increase in tax credits.

On housing, he promised a Strategic Investment Fund which would provide 45,000 social houses. 

He also said there would be no auction politics or uncosted promises - committing the party to an independent analysis of their election pledges.

And he said they would create a special reserve fund for times of economic pressure to protect key services.

Fine Gael and Labour will hold their party conferences over the following weekends, while Sinn Féin have opted to cancel their Ard Fheis, which was scheduled for early February, as they feared it would be overtaken by events.