A Chinese company has unveiled what it claims is the first autonomous aerial vehicle or drone capable of carrying a passenger.

The Ehang 184 has eight electric rotor blades mounted on four arms, and is capable of travelling at up to 100km an hour for up to 23 minutes on a single charge.

It can carry one passenger in the pod-like cockpit, who does not have to be a trained pilot.

Instead they just enter where they want to go to on a tablet and the device takes off and flies them there before landing.

The company says it will start to sell the drone later this year for $200,000 to $300,000 (€183,000 - €275,000).

However, regulators are likely to look on it with concern, as it is neither classed as an aircraft nor a traditional drone, and could pose a serious safety risk.

The company, which revealed the product at CES in Las Vegas, said it has carried out manned test flights in it.