The Court of Appeal has today granted a short stay on the deportation of a 52-year-old man who it is alleged is a recruiter for Islamic extremists in Ireland.

The father of four, who is alleged by the Government to be the "main recruiter" in Ireland for the so-called Islamic State, filed notice of appeal against a High Court decision that allows his imminent deportation to the Middle East.

Mr Justice Michael Peart, a judge of the Court of Appeal sitting alone, today granted the stay until a three-person court fully hears the man's appeal at 2pm tomorrow.

The man, who denies he is a recruiter for IS, cannot be named for legal reasons.

He has been living in Ireland for the last 15 years and secured residency here on the basis of the birth of his 15-year-old son.

In March last, due to the Government's belief he was recruiting for Islamic extremists in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, he was told the Irish authorities intended to deport him.

On 21 December, the man obtained a High Court injunction restraining his deportation but that ruling, on an application by the Department for Justice yesterday, was overturned by Ms Justice Carmel Stewart.

Judge Stewart said the question for the court was where the greater injustice lay - maintaining or lifting the injunction.

The issue of a threat to national security was something she was entitled to take into account.

The man had been described in court yesterday as "the foremost organiser and facilitator of travel by extremists prepared to undertake violent action" on behalf of ISIL.

He claims he is a bona fide refugee applicant who would suffer inhuman and degrading treatment, torture and "even fatal consequences" if returned to a Middle Eastern country.

Judge Stewart was told by a senior Department of Justice official that, based on intelligence amassed by gardaí and their counterparts in other jurisdictions, the State believed the man was consulted by and gave directions to senior violent extremist leaders outside Ireland.

The judge, discharging the injunction previously granted to the man, said she took into account the very serious information the State had put before the court concerning his alleged activities.