The High Court has heard a French woman moved to Ireland from France because she wanted to protect her autistic son.

The woman, 48, flew to Ireland with her son a day after she was due to hand him over to her ex-husband.

Her husband and their daughter followed soon after.

In an affidavit given to the court she said she feared that if she had returned her son to his father he could end up in a psychiatric institution and become institutionalised for life.

She pointed out international bodies have condemned the French government's policies on Autism.

She was arrested last week by  Gardaí as French authorities want to extradite her on child abduction charges and for failing to obey the court order requiring her to deliver the boy to his father.

She had been held in custody and was applying for bail today.

A Garda sergeant told the court there were serious concerns of a flight risk as the woman had not complied with a French court order and had access to considerable cash from the sale of an apartment in Lyon.

The court heard the woman and her husband plan to buy a house here with some of the €300,000 they had in an account in France.

They have paid a booking deposit on a house. Her husband had flown to France to access the money and was arrested in connection with the case.

Judge Aileen Donnelly asked why she has not offered some of the cash she has available to buy a house as a surety for bail.

Her barrister Ian Whelan said she was willing to do anything the court asked as she is anxious to be reunited with her children but said it could take some days to transfer money from France particularly at this time of year.

She is keen to be with her children for Christmas and she had friends who could offer €2,000 and she could probably get €1,000 today which meant she could offer €3,000 to the court today.

Judge Donnelly said the woman is a flight risk because she has shown she is determined not to return to France and the fact that herself and husband have access to a large amount of cash.

She said the only way to mitigate that risk was to set bail at €75,000 either in her own surety or in the form of an independent surety such as a bank account here that would be frozen.

The judge remanded her in custody until 11 January, however she was granted bail today after the funds were sent over from France.