Many parts of Ireland enjoyed more warm weather today as temperatures rose to over 13C in some places, which is well above average for this time of year.

Met Éireann said a new record temperature for December for Malin Head was reached at midnight last night when temperatures reached 16C.

The forecaster said the warm weather was coming from tropical origins due to southerly winds.

The coming weeks are also expected to be mild although temperatures will drop slightly next week.

Friday and Saturday are forecast to have temperatures of between 13 and 14 degrees.

The weather has been so mild that daffodils have been spotted blooming in gardens across Britain and Northern Ireland, a rare occurrence for December.

Met Éireann forecaster Hugh Daly said: "It’s not unusual to have a mild spell in December.

"Yesterday was at the higher end where we had a new record in Main Head but these temperatures are reached on a regular basis in December.

"Compared to five years ago we were facing into the extreme cold with low temperatures, this just shows how variable weather can be," Mr Daly added.