Independent TD Clare Daly has been granted temporary release from Limerick Prison following her arrest in connection with the non-payment of a fine.

She arrived at the prison from Swords Garda Station in an unmarked Garda car at around 9.15pm and did not make any comment, but did wave to Ed Horgan of the Peace and Neutrality Alliance and Shannonwatch who was outside the prison.

She spent around one-and-a-half hours inside the prison before being released.

Speaking after her release Deputy Daly said she was given time to say goodbye to her daughter and pack a bag before being brought to Limerick.

She said she has a legal obligation to speak out over the use of Shannon Airport by the US military.

"We have a legal right an obligation to speak out against that and that's what we have tried to do along with other activists in Shannon Watch in relation to the ongoing use of Shannon."

Ms Daly's arrest followed that of Wexford TD Mick Wallace who was also granted temporary release from Limerick Prison this afternoon.

He had been facing a 30-day sentence in connection with the non-payment of a fine.

Last April, both Mr Wallace and Deputy Daly were each fined €2,000 at Ennis District Court on two charges of breaching security at Shannon Airport in July 2014.

They both said they would not pay their fines. 

Mr Wallace said he will not pay the fine and completely disagrees with the judgment.

Speaking on RTÉ's Drivetime, he said understands he will not be spending Christmas in prison, but could be re-arrested at any time in the next 30 days, but "normally you wouldn't be".

Mr Wallace said he received several notifications in connection with paying the fine, but was not asked to pay it today.

He presented himself by appointment at Clontarf Garda Station in Dublin at 8.30am and was allowed to drive to his home near the station to collect clothes before he was driven to Limerick.

At the prison, he said he "filled in a few forms" and was photographed but did not have his fingerprints taken.

He was then granted temporary release and left the prison at around 4pm.

Mr Wallace said when he presented himself at Clontarf Garda Station he did not realise he was going to be arrested "there and then".

He said he was taken to Limerick prison by two gardaí, but was not handcuffed. He said he was not held in a cell in the prison but "in a room".

He also said he is determined to continue his campaign against the use of Shannon airport by US military.

He said he disagrees with Minister for Health Leo Varadkar's assertion that a member of the Dáil should not be breaking the law, saying he does not agree with the airport being used a military base.

On his arrest, Mr Wallace said: "I think it's a bit mad bringing me down to Limerick, keeping me there and letting me go".

Mr Horgan said Mr Wallace was justified in not paying the fine.

He said the TD's actions had highlighted the fact that US military were still using Shannon Airport.