The Anti-Austerity Alliance has formally ruled out a voting transfer pact with Sinn Féin for the general election.

AAA TD Ruth Coppinger said the alliance had sent a written response to the Right2Change trade union-led campaign this afternoon.

Right2Change was an attempt by six trade unions to build a political left leaning alternative around the campaign that began with huge protests against water charges.

While the AAA generally agreed with the campaign's policy principles they would not agree to forming a government with Sinn Féin, if the numbers allowed, Ms Coppinger said.

She said this was because Sinn Féin had not ruled out being part of a government with some "pro austerity" parties.

Ms Coppinger also said Sinn Féin's approach to austerity measures in Northern Ireland meant they would be unacceptable to the AAA.

She added that the anti-water charges movement had offered a real possibility of political change but the Right2Change campaign had become a "prop" for Sinn Féin.

The Social Democrats and Independent TDs Finian McGrath and John Halligan have also ruled out being part of the Right2Change initiative.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Catherine Murphy, a member of the recently formed Social Democrats, said: "The vast majority of what is in their document we would support, but it is not just a set of policy principles.

"For example, under the section on housing it looks to socialise unused or derelict sites and we are not sure if that is constitutional."

Ms Murphy said her party would not have any difficulty signing up to the section on water and praised some initiatives like the anti-corruption agency and investment in early childhood education.

However, Independent TD Mick Wallace has confirmed he has signed up to the Right2Change policy principles.

Mr Wallace said the notion of a voting pact was never mentioned at the discussions he attended about the initiative.

Meanwhile, Independent Alliance member Shane Ross has taken to Twitter to state the group will not be entering into a voting pact with anyone.

The Workers' Party has said it supports the Right2Change principles as a basis for progressive change.