A 46-year-old man who is wanted by German authorities in connection with a mortar attack on a British army base in Osnabruck nearly twenty years ago has appeared in court on an extradition warrant

James Corry, originally from Belfast, was arrested in Killorglin, Co Kerry this morning.

The High Court was told his extradition is being sought in relation to terrorist offences.

He is alleged to have been part of an IRA active service unit which fired three mortars at the base in Osnabruck on 28 June 1996.

The three mortars were fired from a van, but only one of them exploded. Nobody was hurt in the attack.

Detective Sergeant Sean Fallon of the Garda extradition unit gave evidence of arrest charge and caution.

He told the court that Mr Corry confirmed his identity to him this morning in Killorglin and when he asked him if he had a tattoo of the letter J, he rolled up his right sleeve and showed it to him.

He said he showed him the warrant alleging that he was a suspect for terrorist-type offences at Osnabruck in 1996 but Mr Corry had nothing to say.

Judge Aileen Donnelly said she was satisfied the man in court was the person named on the European Extradition Warrant.

She told him he had the right to consent to surrender and remanded him in custody pending a bail application next Tuesday.