A 15-year-old boy who was sleeping rough with his mother in the Phoenix Park and the emergency department at Mater hospital last summer has achieved seven honours and two passes in his Junior Certificate.

'Carlos', along with 60,000 other students, received his Junior Certificate results today.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Liveline, Carlos said: "I’m delighted with it to be honest. I worked hard for the result ... I’m glad I studied for it."

In August, Carlos' mother Lorraine told the programme that they were living in a hotel room while he was studying for his exams.

At one stage Carlos was taking three buses to school in the morning and three buses back to the hotel they were living in in the evening.

Carlos studied nine subjects for his exams - history, geography, business studies, Italian, religion, CSPE, science, English and Irish; sitting five higher level and four ordinary level papers.

He said that he wanted his mother to be with him when opening his results.

"I got the results at 12.30pm and I walked out to me ma. We opened them together. I wanted me ma to see what I got. I wanted her to be there with me when I opened them. Me and her were delighted. We couldn’t be happier."

Carlos just started fifth year in school and says that the Leaving Cert is the next thing for him to look at.

He says he is unsure what he will go on to study in college, but added he is going to see what subjects he will need in school to get into courses. He said: "I’ll see when it comes to it. Something good anyway – I’m going to make something of myself and I know that."

Speaking on the same programme, his mother Lorraine said she was delighted with his results.

She said she told Carlos this morning: "It doesn’t matter what you done, how well or how bad you do or no matter what. The fact that you sat it under the situation we were in - I’m proud of you."