The children of Jason Corbett who were at the centre of a custody battle in the US have arrived in Ireland.

Sarah and Jack arrived around 7am with their Aunt at Shannon Airport.

The Limerick-born children had been in the custody of their stepmother Molly Martens after their father was found dead at his home in North Carolina.

Police were called to investigate a domestic disturbance on 2 August and found Mr Corbett unconscious. He was pronounced dead a short time later.

Ms Martens and her father Thomas, a retired FBI agent, have been described by police as "persons of interest" in the case but no arrests have been made.

Last week, Judge April Woods at Davidson County Court dismissed Ms Marten's case seeking custody of 10-year-old Jack and eight-year-old Sarah Corbett.

It followed the order by Brian Shipwash, Clerk of the Superior Court of North Carolina on Tuesday, to grant guardianship of the children to Mr Corbett’s sister Tracey Lynch and her husband David.

That order stated that it was in the children's best interest to live with the Lynchs.