The High Court has approved a settlement of almost €5m for a teenage girl who was left paralysed after undergoing surgery on her spine at Our Lady's Children's Hospital, Crumlin, Dublin.

Emily Casey, of Nerano Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin, suffered the injury after a screw was inserted into her spinal cord during surgery to treat scoliosis of the spine on 8 December, 2009.

She celebrates her 19th birthday tomorrow.

Through her mother, Stephanie, Emily had sued the hospital and consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Dr David Moore, who it was claimed was responsible for her care while she was a patient in Crumlin.

She is now confined to a wheelchair and is paralysed from the chest down.

Last May, the High Court had approved a partial settlement of almost €1.7m.

Today, a further sum of just over €3m was approved by Mr Justice Kevin Cross.

The court was told the defendants "sincerely apologised" to Emily and her family for what had happened.

Speaking after the settlement hearing, Emily Casey said she feels "very relieved" that the defendants in the case admitted liability. 

She said she was delighted by the outcome, adding that she would be celebrating by going out for dinner tonight with her family. 

Her mother, Stephanie, said Emily would now be able to live with dignity in her own home, and enjoy the way of life she had experienced before the incident.

She said it meant a great deal to the family that the hospital had admitted liability, and to know that although a serious accident had occured because of negligent practice, it had, in some way, been put right.