Three former Anglo officials charged with trying to hide accounts connected to the bank's former chairman Sean FitzPatrick from the Revenue Commissioners have been found guilty of all charges.

Tiarnan O'Mahoney, Anglo's former chief operating officer, Bernard Daly, Anglo's former company secretary, and Aoife Maguire, a former assistant manager at the bank, had denied all the charges.

The jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts on all counts in relation to all three defendants.

The verdict was delayed because the Director of Public Prosecutions' office had received an anonymous phone call suggesting that the jury was not "wholly independent".

The caller had suggested the wife of the jury foreman was "very friendly" with Maguire.

The jury foreman said "no" when he was asked by Judge Pat McCartan if this was the case.

After the verdicts were delivered, Judge McCartan said what was said by the anonymous caller had been shown to be a falsehood.

He apologised for causing the foreman any embarrassment.

Judge McCartan said he was anxious to conclude this matter within the next month having regard to concerns the DPP had expressed about other proceedings.

He said all three would be sentenced on 28 August. Prosecuting lawyers asked that the three remain in the jurisdiction pending the sentence.

Judge McCartan said the events before lunchtime had given him very considerable concern, and that, with regret, the accused must remain in custody pending sentencing.

Lawyers for all three made submissions as to why this should not happen.

Judge McCartan said the primary consideration in this matter was that the accused have been found guilty.  The consequence of that is custody, he said.

The judge said he did not for a minute ascribe any responsibility to the defendants for what occurred in relation to the anonymous call.  

But he said it was an indication of the mischief that could be created. He said he was not prepared to take that risk.   

The court then adjourned to allow defence lawyers to take instructions as to whether they could agree on an earlier sentence date. After brief discussions, the sentence hearing was changed to 12pm tomorrow.

Judge McCartan again refused bail.