A court in Massachusetts has heard that a review of the medical evidence in the case of an Irish woman accused of murdering a baby in her care in January 2013 has not yet been completed. 

Aisling Brady McCarthy, 36, from Co Cavan is on bail and awaiting trial for the death of one-year-old Rehma Sabir.

The Massachusetts medical examiner agreed to undertake a review of the medical evidence following conflicting expert opinion about the nature of the baby girl's injuries.

A review of this kind is rare.

The original medical examination concluded that the baby had died from traumatic head injuries and ruled her death a homicide.

However, other evidence showed spinal injuries that occurred weeks earlier when the baby was not in the care of her nanny.

The medical review was due to be completed last week and the findings circulated to Ms Brady McCarthy's lawyers and prosecutors for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

However, the court heard today that the Medical Examiner has not yet completed the review. 

David Meier, one of Ms Brady McCarthy's lawyers, told Judge Maureen Hogan that when they had not received the review last week, he contacted the Examiner's office and was told it was not ready yet.  

Mr Meier said he was informed that the Examiner needed another 30 days to continue the review, but added that the Examiner's office did not indicate that it would have completed the review in 30 days.

Judge Hogan pointed out that the Medical Examiner's Office had originally said that the review would take just 30 days and now was saying it needed another 30 days, which she was prepared to grant.

The judge said that this should not affect the trial date which is currently set for 13 October.

She said she would grant another 30 days to the Examiner and set another hearing for 9 July.

Ms Brady McCarthy was released on bail last month and is now subject to home detention, having spent over two years in custody following her January 2013 arrest.