An Irish nun has been rescued from an elevator in Rome after being stuck there for three days without food or water.

Italian newspaper Il Messaggero reports that two women, a 58-year-old from Ireland and 69-year-old from New Zealand, were taken to hospital dehydrated after their ordeal but are otherwise in good health.

On Friday, the two were guests of the Marist Sisters House in Rome, when they became stuck in a lift because of a power failure.

They made attempts to call for help but because the building was completely empty no one heard their cries.

They also had no mobile phone so were unable to call for help.

Yesterday when a cleaner arrived at the convent she received no answer and called the police.

According to Il Messaggero, when officers entered the convent they heard the women calling for help.

The two nuns later said they had "prayed so much" while trapped.