The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner will today assume responsibility for ensuring the privacy and data of around 300 million people outside the US who use Twitter each month is adequately respected.

Last month the microblogging site told users that from 18 May, "Twitter International Company will be responsible for handling your account information under Irish privacy and data protection law."

The move means all of the social network's users outside of the US will come under the European Union's Data Protection Directive.

As a result, if a user is unhappy with how the company is handling their personal information, their first port of call with be the ODPC.

The changes could put extra pressure on the ODPC, which is already responsible for overseeing the data protection standards of a range of other large internet multinationals based in Ireland such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn.

In the blog post, Twitter said the changes were taking place because the growth of the social network means it has had to expand its support operations globally.

The ODPC had its budget doubled this year to €3.65m so that it can more effectively carry out its duties.

The organisation has been the subject of criticism in recent years for not taking a tough enough stance against data protection practices of the dominant internet multinationals.