A group of animal rights activists say they "liberated" lobsters after taking them from a Dublin restaurant on Friday. 

It is understood members of the National Animal Rights Association took nine lobsters from a tank at the restaurant on Wicklow Street in the city centre at around 8pm.

The group posted pictures of the lobsters being released into the sea in Clontarf.

Founder of NARA Laura Broxson said the lobsters were liberated because it was a "life or death situation" for them.

Speaking to RTÉ's News At One, she said the lobsters were going to be boiled alive and that the association stands by its actions, despite any possible legal consequences. 

She said that they have been informed by the gardaí that charges are being brought against those involved.

She said: "If it was cats and dogs in a tank in a restaurant people would have a problem with it."

Ms Broxson said: "For us it was act of compassion and we are willing to face any legal consequences brought to us because now these lobsters have a chance of living instead of being boiled alive and eaten."

Ms Broxson said it was the "first open rescue in Ireland", but that there are no plans to do it again.