A total of 11 homes were repossessed at a sitting of the County Registrar's Court in Limerick.

Many of the orders were on primary residences.

Amongst the orders granted by the County Registrar included a mother who told the court that she could not meet the full amount of her monthly payments after separating from her husband. 

She said that she was only able to afford half the mortgage and furthermore that she had just returned to health from a three month illness. 

The woman said that she could not claim from her home insurance to repair dampness and mould that was causing her sickness because the insurance company required her ex-husband's signature on documents. 

In excess of €191,000 was owing on the mortgage with over €60,000 in payments in arrears. 

Mr Wallace granted the repossession order but put a stay on the bank executing it for 12 months.

He told the young mother that "no one will throw you out in the street yet, there will be some more time after that but given your predicament, this might not be a bad outcome."

Of the ten other cases where repossession orders were granted, two were by consent of the home owners where it was accepted by them that the payments and mortgage arrears were unsustainable. 

In two cases, orders for repossession were granted to both Ulster Bank and Permanent TSB after the borrowers had failed to turn up for any court hearing or engage with their lenders. 

In one case, the borrower owed a total of in excess of €301,000 and had not made a payment in 51 months. 

Similarly, Permanent TSB were granted possession of a Co Limerick house where €267,000 was the total debt owing and some €74,400 had amounted in arrears. 

Mr Wallace put stays of between three and 12 months on the majority of the orders to allow tenants and dwellers time to vacate.       

Former Fianna Fáil TD in court over debt

Former Fianna Fáil TD Noel O'Flynn and his sons Gary and Kenneth O'Flynn have a total mortgage debt of almost €117,000 on a buy to let property in Limerick, the court heard.

Mr O'Flynn was a TD for the Cork North Central constituency from 1997 until 2011.
His son Gary O'Flynn, a former Cork City Councillor, was jailed last month for three years for soliciting someone to kill a garda, a Revenue official and an accountant.

His brother Cllr Kenneth O'Flynn was co-opted onto Cork City Council in December 2008, and is the deputy Lord Mayor of Cork.

The total debt on the O'Flynn's Permanent TSB mortgage is €97,284 while the arrears are €19,680  Limerick County Registrar's Court heard.

A solicitor representing the lender told the court the initiation of proceedings had been halted because the bank had difficulty serving notice on the parties.

She also claimed that "various games were being played" by the borrowers.

Solicitor Conn Barry told the court the defendants were from a "well known family in Cork".

He said the reason there was difficulty in notifying one party was because he is currently in prison.

Mr Barry who was acting as agent for a Cork solicitors firm said it was the first time the case had come before the court.

County Registrar Pat Wallace, was told the last repayment on the buy to let property was in July 2013 and this was the first time the case had come before the court.

No member of the O'Flynn family was present in court and the case was adjourned by consent until 3 July.