A Co Antrim man who caused serious head injuries to his younger brother during an incident on a night out in Australia has been given a 13-month suspended prison sentence by a court in Sydney.

Barry Lyttle, 33, had earlier pleaded guilty to recklessly causing grievous bodily harm to his 31-year-old brother Patrick.

The Lyttle family say they are looking forward to returning home.

The brothers from Ballycastle had been on a night out on 3 January. There had been some argument, and CCTV footage appears to show Patrick Lyttle pushing his older brother before Barry Lyttle hit out with a fist.

The so-called one-punch assault left Patrick in a coma with a brain injury.

A clearly distraught Barry Lyttle was arrested, and later bailed.

His brother remained in intensive care for some weeks.

But since his discharge the brothers have been both united and clearly devoted. 

Today the magistrate noted Patrick Lyttle had been medically cleared to return his pre-injury work roles. 

Barry Lyttle had earlier pleaded guilty.

The magistrate said alcohol was not a major factor in what happened but the community was concerned about male violence and punching to the head in areas like Kings Cross where the incident happened.

The Lyttle brothers said they will work to raise awareness based on their ordeal.