More than 80 people have gathered outside Sundrive Road Garda Station in Dublin to protest against the arrest of water charge protesters earlier today.

United Left Alliance TD Joan Collins and Councillor Pat Dunne were among 13 people arrested at a protest on Parnell Road in Crumlin this morning. They were later released.

This evening Ms Collins is among dozens of people protesting and chanting anti-water charge slogans outside the garda station.

In a statement earlier, Ms Collins said she had been taking part in a peaceful protest.

She said the charge against her and other protesters was that she was in contravention of the Public Order Act, however she said she was simply standing on a public footpath.

Ms Collins addressed the protesters and thanked them for turning out.

She said fear could be a terrible thing and she urged the demonstrators to continue to come out and stand in solidarity with their neighbours in areas where people did not want water metres.

Cllr Dunne also addressed the crowd, saying the movement against water charges was growing stronger. 

A group of protesters this evening blocked one of the gates at the station, where a Garda car and bike were attempting to exit.

A minor scuffle broke out between one or two protesters and gardaí, however it quickly died down as demonstrators called for a peaceful protest.

The gates are now closed but there are about 40 protesters still gathered at the exit.