The Managing Director of Twitter in Ireland has said the company is supporting a Yes vote in the upcoming same-sex marriage referendum.

Stephen McIntyre has said the company supports same-sex marriage in the US and there is a good business case to be made for it.

He said people do better in the workplace when they can be themselves, adding that it will attract more talent and be positive for Ireland's international reputation.

Mr McIntrye made the comments at an event attended by Taoiseach Enda Kenny where business and tech leaders called for a Yes vote.

The Iona Institute has criticised the call by the social media multinational, saying such corporations should avoid commenting on Irish politics.

Ben Conroy, an Iona spokesperson, said Mr McIntyre's statement that a No vote would be bad for business is "clearly ridiculous" in the context that Germany, "the most powerful economy in Europe". does not have same-sex marriage.

Mr Conroy also questioned whether Mr Kenny "would be so keen about multinationals getting involved in Irish politics if they were endorsing particular political parties?"

The Government’s Special rapporteur on children addressed the seminar on the new Children and Family Relationships Act which allows gay couple to adopt for the first time.

He rejected the No side assertion that a Yes vote would bind gay adoption in the constitution.

Separately up to a 100 prominent Catholic and Protestants leaders have endorsed a leaflet  arguing for a No vote.

40,000 of the leaflets will be distributed at churches over the coming weeks.

'Same-sex marriage has nothing to do with parental rights' - James Reilly 

Meanwhile, Minister for Children James Reilly says he does not want children to be used as pawns in the upcoming referendum.

He said the referendum has nothing to do with adoption and does not change adoption and parental rights.

Speaking at the seminar, Mr Reilly rejected arguments from the No side that passing the referendum would copper-fasten gay adoption rights in the constitution.  

He said the referendum will result in equal rights to loving couples and that is all it does.  He said the rest of it is "red herrings". 

Minister does not want children used as pawns in referendum