The father of a teenage boy who was allegedly assaulted by a group of teenagers has called their actions totally unacceptable.

Liam Davin said it was a "cowardly" act on a vulnerable boy.

He said the family was not aware of the incident until a young girl called to their home and told him about it.  

She had seen it on social media and said the teenager, who has autism, was forced to eat twigs, and expose himself by a group of six teenagers who then uploaded the video on social media.

The video has since been taken down.

Mr Davin said his son, who is 15, did not tell his family about the incident. The teen has been the subject of bullying in the past.

He is currently away with his mother on a pre-planned break.

Mr Davin said he has been feeling sick and numb since he heard what happened to his son.

Mr Davin said he went to gardaí in Carrigaline on Monday and made a full statement but an official complaint cannot be lodged until they interview his son.

Mr Davin said he has been overwhelmed by the public response to what happened to his son, with a local store saying it has received several calls pledging money to buy the teenager Easter eggs and Match Attax collection cards.

Local gardaí confirmed they are investigating the alleged incident, which is believed to have happened three weeks ago.  

They have already interviewed one of the six teenagers believed to have been involved.

Mr Davin said his son’s freedom had been taken away – "almost like he’s been punished for something they done".

Extended interview with Liam Davin, whose son was allegedly assaulted by a group of teenagers

He said the family had moved to Carrigaline from London in 2001 to bring their children up in a safe environment.

"Every time I think about it I feel so sad, I just want to hug my son – we won’t let them do that ever again, but they have to understand what it is that they’ve done, it’s not funny, there’s nothing entertaining about it".

"It’s a cowardly, cowardly act on a such a vulnerable member of society – and they have to in some way get that through their heads, what on earth even made you think that was alright?"