Around 1,500 people have attended a Pro Life Campaign rally outside the Dáil to protest what they describe as media bias in abortion debate.

The event, called '33 to 1: Challenging Media Bias', focused on perceived bias in both broadcast and print media.

Addressing the crowd Pro Life Campaign Deputy Chairperson Cora Sherlock said: "The decision to hold this evening's event was not taken lightly. But media bias on abortion has reached a point where we simply cannot afford to ignore what is going on any longer.

"There has been a tendency on the part of everyone inside and outside of politics to tip-toe around the issue rather than talk about it out in the open.

"That's not a healthy way to approach such a serious matter in a democracy.

"The public are being continually deprived of the opportunity to hear the case against abortion.

"The 33 pro-choice articles and the one pro-life article that appeared in national papers in the space of a fortnight recently could have been any fortnight that the abortion issue is in the news.

"It just happens that a particular fortnight last December was chosen to gauge the extent of the bias."

A Pro Life campaign spokesperson said the dates that were reviewed were 18-30 December.

On 18 December last it was revealed legal advice was being sought by health authorities regarding a young pregnant woman who had been declared clinically brain dead.

On 26 December, a three-judge High Court ruled that the woman could be taken off life support.

The case was taken due to concerns by doctors about the legal implications of her pregnancy, arising from the State’s obligation to vindicate the right to life of the unborn in Article 40.3.3.