Over 60% of employees admit to falling asleep at work, according to new research by Peninsula Ireland.

A further 72% of the employees surveyed admitted to regularly drinking caffeinated drinks in order to stay awake.

Alan Price, managing director of Peninsula Ireland, described the results of the research as a "rude awakening for employers".

He said: "In sectors that require a high level of concentration, and a clear understanding of health and safety processes and requirements, falling asleep mid-task could cause a fatal accident."

The number of those falling asleep in the work place is down from last year when 69% of those surveyed admitted to sleeping on the job. 

As well as an increased likelihood of mistakes in the workplace, a lack of sleep can be damaging to mental health and concentration levels.

"For employees regularly driving long-distances for work, a lapse in concentration could cost more than just the repairs of a damaged company vehicle, people’s lives are at stake" Mr Price said.