An undocumented migrant has told the Oireachtas Commmitee of having to watch his father's funeral on Skype and called on the committee to regularise people like him during the lifetime of this Government.

In an emotional statement, Jayson Montenegro told the committee about how he left his family behind in Philippines 11 years ago in order to give them a better life and the sacrifices he had made during that time. 

For his first six years in Ireland, Mr Montenegro said he worked in maintenance cleaning and painting. He described it as "a 3D job - dirty, difficult and dangerous"

He said a promised work permit never materialised and he is now working as a carer. 

Mr Montenegro said his work here has allowed him to put his two daughters and sister in law through college and support his parents.

However he described the difficulty he experienced when his father who he hadn't seen since 2004 died suddenly.

Mr Montenegro said watching the funeral on Skype and being unable to comfort his mother was the hardest time of his life. 

He said he is now a foreigner in his own country and that his situation was the same as those undocumented Irish people living in the US. 

He said he and others in his situation wanted a "reasonable solution" to be able to come forward, pay a fee and have their situation assessed on a case by case basis. 

He said such a system would be "transparent, straightforward and fair".