A volunteer with Kildare and West Wicklow Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has said some reports regarding the discovery of a dog in Kildare are not accurate and had been misinterpreted.

The dog was found in a bad condition and badly injured on an area of charred rubbish at the Curragh, she said.

He had scorch marks on his ankles. He may have died of malnutrition, she said, but they did not know the cause of death.

Earlier reports said the dog died after being apparently cooked alive over a fire.

The volunteer, who was called out to the animal last Monday morning, said there was nothing to suggest the dog was set on fire.

She said he was not hog-tied and it was not true to say he was roasted on a spit.

The volunteer said his fur was not burnt off, but some of it had been singed.

There were no third degree burns on his body, she said.

She said that the vet involved did not say he was "cooked" but that he may have had possible heat injuries.

There were indents on his two front legs from scorching and it seemed there was evidence that his two front paws had been tied, but she said the dog's paws were not tied when they found him.

The volunteer confirmed that the dog was alive when found but has since died.