An Austrian privacy group coordinating an attempted class action suit against Facebook says the case will reach court for the first time in April. 

Europe v Facebook says 25,000 people assigned their claims to participate in the action within six days of it filing it last August. This number later grew to 75,000.

The action claims Facebook breaches European privacy laws on a number of grounds, including having invalid privacy policies, by illegally collecting and forwarding user data and through the surveillance of users through like buttons and apps.

The group is seeking a suspension of the use of data by Facebook, which it alleges violate European privacy laws. 

It is also seeking compensation of €500 per person.

Lawyers for Facebook, which has its international headquarters in Dublin, have refuted the allegations and have claimed the suit is inadmissible. 

The case will have its first hearing before a court in Vienna on 9 April, during which the court will decide whether the suit is admissible or not.

Max Schrems, the Austrian law graduate behind the Europe v Facebook organisation, will be in Ireland to address a data protection conference on Wednesday.