The owner of a Dublin pub that targeted social welfare recipients with cut-price alcohol has said the 'Welfare Wednesday' promotion will not be going ahead.

The event was advertised with a Department of Social Welfare logo and limited to those presenting a social welfare card or bus pass.

Gary Payne, who owns Liz Delaney's pub at the Northside Shopping Centre in Coolock, told RTÉ's Morning Ireland it was a mistake to use the word welfare.

He said that a promotion, which would be open to all, will still be held in the venue.

Tánaiste Joan Burton had said the 'Welfare Wednesday' promotion was "irresponsible", while local Independent TD Finian McGrath said it was a "gimmick".

Following sustained criticism, Mr Payne agreed to remove welfare from the promotion and conceded the use of the word was a mistake.

"It was a value promotion for customers who would be short of disposable income. It wasn't going to be a binge drinking party," he said.

"If anybody took offence or took any upset, we never had the intention of upsetting anyone."

Mr Payne denied the promotion was a publicity stunt and said he did not know if the controversy would have a negative effect on the business.

"I do regret it. It's not what we're about at all," he said.

Asked whether he felt there was an overreaction to the promotion, Mr Payne said supermarkets selling alcohol below cost was having a much greater impact on binge drinking.

He said: "The Minister for Health has agreed the place to drink is the pub. It's a controlled environment. It's social."