The Department of the Environment has confirmed that 6,000 social housing units will have been made available across the country by the end of this year.

This figure represents 6.5% of the 90,000 people on the social housing waiting list.

The figures from the Department of the Environment show an estimated 6,000 new housing units will be in place by the end of the year.

The department says some of the units will be provided through the Rental Accommodation Scheme, through leasing, the regeneration of houses in areas with high levels of poverty and boarded up council houses.

However, Director of Advocacy at Focus Ireland Mike Allen says the number of new social housing units actually built this year amounts to just 900.

He says that new housing supply is desperately needed to address the growing housing crisis.

Meanwhile, the Tenancy Protection Service, which is funded by the Dublin Region Homeless Executive, says it has identified more than 1,100 people in receipt of rent supplement as being at immediate risk of becoming homeless due to rising rents in the capital.

Currently there are 72,000 people in receipt of rent supplement, with a total spend this year on the payment amounting to €311m. 

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