A number of families in the north Clare village of Bellharbour have been told to move out of their rented homes because the properties have been deemed unsafe. 

Receivers Ernst and Young instructed the residents of the eight homes at Abbey West Estate on Tuesday that they had three days to vacate.

Ernst and Young said they issued the notices to vacate because the homes had failed fire safety standards.

In a statement this evening, Receiver and Partner with Ernst and Young Ireland Marcus Purcell said the correspondence received by the tenants was not an eviction notice.

He added: “The Receivers have a legal responsibility to inform tenants of any health and safety risks they may be exposed to and, based on the evidence the Receivers were provided by the Health and Safety review, the tenants were informed that their properties have been deemed as unsafe to live in and financial support was offered to assist with relocation.”

Mr Purcell also said that if the tenants choose to stay in their properties “they do so at their own risk based on the findings of the Health and Safety review”.

The residents, many who have lived there for 10 years, have said they will not leave and are seeking legal advice.