Rents became more expensive in every county in Ireland in June to August than they were at the same time last year, a report from property website shows.

Rents across the country have gone up by more than 11% over 12 months.

The report is based on all of the listings on the property website.

It shows that this summer rents became more expensive in every county than they were last year, with the national average rent now at €933, compared to €842 a year ago.

In Dublin, the annual rate of growth in rents slowed for the first time in five years, but prices have still gone up by over 14% in the capital since the last three months of 2013.

There has been double digit inflation in the surrounding counties.

Meath saw growth of 11%, Wicklow 13% and Kildare 14%.

Compared to two years ago, rents in the commuter counties have risen by almost 20%, while Ulster rents are up by just 3%.

In other cities, Waterford saw an annual rise of 5%, Limerick 6%, Galway 7% and Cork 8%.

However, Dublin rents are now nearly 30% above their lowest point in 2012, and less than 10% below their 2007 peaks.