A number of Opposition senators have called on the Government to support a bill they are proposing that would give adopted people an automatic right to their birth certificate.

Senators Averil Power, Fidelma Healy Eames and Jillian Van Turnhout published the bill at Leinster House this morning.

It would give adopted persons an automatic right to their birth certificate and the name of their mother and the time of their birth.

It would give fathers' names, if they are available.

It would also provide for natural birth mothers to be contacted in advance of birth certificates being issued to see if they were willing to have their contact details passed on. 

If birth mothers declined to consent to the release of their contact details, they would not be passed on to the adoptee, although the adoptee would be told of the refusal.

Mothers could also choose to allow health details and other relevant information be passed on to the adopted person, even when they opt not to have direct contact. 

Under the bill's provisions, birth parents would also be able to access information concerning the process of adoption of their children.

They could request adoption certificates for their children, their adopted names and the names of their adoptive parents.

The adopted person may, however, decline the release of any information that may identify them or their adoptive parents.

The legislation would also require all bodies or individuals that hold adoption records to forward copies of them to the Adoption Authority within one year of its enactment.