A Canadian sailor who had been lost at sea for the past two weeks  arrived at the Aran Islands today.

Erkan Gursoy, 67, was escorted by the Aran Island's lifeboat to Inis Mór .

He set off from Vancouver in February. His journey through the Arctic brought him into close contact with polar bears off the coast of Alaska.

He also sailed through stormy conditions caused by Hurricane Gonzalo.

Mr Gursoy's yacht was being tracked by the coastguard at Malin Head after he experienced further stormy weather in the Atlantic Ocean.

He was escorted into Kilronan by the Aran Islands lifeboat in rough sea conditions.

The lifeboat was launched this afternoon after no contact was made with Mr Gursoy since 9am, when it had been due to arrive.

Radio contact was later re-established. Sea conditions were reported to be very rough with force 8 southwest winds.