A former paediatric surgeon at our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin in Dublin is facing 14 allegations of professional misconduct, or poor professional performance, at a Medical Council inquiry.

Among the allegations faced by Dr Mihai Anton, who is from Romania, are that he had difficulty scrubbing up for theatre and putting on a gown and surgical gloves.

It is also alleged that in January 2013 he left work early, without permission, and that he was unwilling to examine a number of post-operative patients.

It is further alleged he was unable to write notes in a chart and did not appear to understand the nature of tests he was asked to order.

Other allegations are that Dr Anton failed to understand basic instructions in theatre and also contaminated the sterile field.

Dr Anton has failed to attend this morning, despite being notified of the fitness to practise inquiry.

In correspondence read to the inquiry, Dr Anton said he had "nothing to declare about my activities in Ireland".

He said he felt harassed and would never return to Ireland.

Barrister Rory Mulcahy for the inquiry said Dr Anton applied in late 2012 to work at Crumlin Hospital when he submitted a CV, which said he had qualified as a consultant in Romania.

He was appointed following a telephone interview on 14 January 2013.

Dr Anton had supplied the required paperwork and references.

Mr Mulcahy said issues arose from day one and Dr Anton was suspended by the hospital on 24 January 2013.

He was given an observer role, attending patients but with no clinical duties.

A complaint was made to the Medical Council on 28 January 2013.

Joan Troy, a HR manager at the hospital, told the inquiry it was rare to do a telephone interview for a medical vacancy such as this.

She said the hospital was accommodating Dr Anton, who was in Romania.

Ms Troy said that when Dr Anton started, he was given two half days of induction.

She said there was no special induction for doctors from overseas.

Ms Troy said the interview process had since changed to include a visual interview.

She told the inquiry that consultants at Crumlin were delighted to be getting Dr Anton, who was a consultant.

But soon after he started there were problems and the surgical consultants' group raised concerns.

Dr Anton was suspended on pay and a hospital investigation opened. His contract was terminated on 8 March 2013.

Dr Suzanne McMahon worked with Dr Anton at Crumlin and said he was "the worst" senior house officer she had ever worked with.

She told the inquiry there were communications issues but Dr Anton could not prescribe paracetamol.

The hospital issued a statement today to say that no patient safety issues arose because of the close supervision of Dr Anton.

It said Dr Anton did not work in an unsupervised capacity during any of his time at the hospital.

It said the hospital and staff responded promptly when serious concerns were identified in respect of Dr Anton's competency.

An expert witness for the inquiry has said there may have been communication issues and differences in the health system where Dr Anton worked in Romania compared to Ireland.

Robert Wheeler, consultant neonatal and paediatric surgeon, University of Southampton said there were many ways to put on a gown for surgery.

An issue was whether Dr Anton was trained in the way it was done in Crumlin.

He also said note-taking may have been foreign to him in Romania.

The inquiry has adjourned until tomorrow morning, when it will hear submissions.