The Irish Consulate in San Francisco has confirmed that it is assisting a landlord whose property was damaged by Irish students.

Seven students had rented the property for the summer in the Outer Sunsets district of San Francisco, an area popular with Irish people.

However, it is understood that up to 14 people actually lived there and many others stayed there over the course of the summer.

The students are from a range of colleges, courses and different parts of Ireland.

All but one are believed to have returned to Ireland.

Irish Consul-General in San Francisco Philip Grant said he was in contact with the various authorities to track down the students involved.

He said there had been an overwhelming response from the Irish community in San Francisco, who are appalled at what happened and wish to help the landlady.

Many people have come forward offering to repair the damage caused to the house or to help make contact with those involved.

A number of the students who had been staying at the house have made contact and offered to take responsibility for the damages.

Landlady Ritu Vohra, an immigrant herself, had previously rented to Irish students last summer and had a positive experience.

She came forward again to take on short-term Irish tenants this summer after an appeal for accommodation, as a number were let down by their original landlords.

It is hoped that the Irish community will arrange for the repairs to her property and that the students involved will take responsibility for the cost.