An inquest into the death of an Indian woman, who died days after giving birth at Sligo General Hospital, has opened in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim.

Dhara Kivlehan died at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast in 2010 after failing to get proper treatment in Sligo.

The family of Ms Kivlehan, including her husband Michael, have repeatedly called for an inquest to be held in the Republic of Ireland to compel witnesses from Sligo to attend and to find out what exactly led to her death.

Ms Kivlehan gave birth to the couple's only child Dior four years ago at Sligo General Hospital.

She was flown to Belfast days later after developing a severe form of pre-eclampsia and died from multiple organ failure.

In a statement Mr Kivlehan said he lost the light of his life when his wife died.

He said it was a struggle bringing up his son without his mother.

Mr Kivlehan told the court his wife had developed abdominal pains and swelling in late pregnancy and she was taken to Sligo General Hospital and kept in.

Mr Kivlehan was asked to sign a consent form as the baby needed to be delivered urgently.

The baby was delivered by Caesarean section, but Ms Kivlehan was not taken to intensive care.

Instead, she remained in a side room for two days. She was puffed and her skin was orange in colour.

When Mr Kivlehan inquired whether she might be jaundiced, he was told it was difficult to tell because she was Indian.

He also gave evidence of being told by a nurse not to eavesdrop on a gathering of doctors near his wife's bed and to get her a drink.

Days later, she was taken to intensive care and then transferred to Belfast's Royal Victoria Hospital, where she died of multiple organ failure.