A new interactive website, of real time and collated data about Dublin, has been launched by researchers at Maynooth University, in partnership with Dublin City Council.

The Dublin Dashboard will for the first time present citizens, planners, policy makers, businesses and others with a wealth of information on the workings of the capital, all in one place.

The data is drawn from a variety of sources, including Dublin City Council sensors placed around the city.

The data sets are compiled on an ongoing basis by the Central Statistics Office and Eurostat.

Information is also gathered by Government departments.

The researchers at The Programmable City project and the All-Island Research Observatory at Maynooth University have processed and organised the data.

They have built an easy to use interactive website featuring maps, graphs and apps, through which it can be accessed.

The data available covers a variety of areas, from transport, housing and planning, to the environment, emergency services and health.

Users can see in real-time where the worst traffic is in the city, see graphics of the crime levels in certain areas and map planning data.

They can also use the system to compare on area with another.

The partners plan to extend the scope of the project to include other data and information in the dashboard, such as maps of social media.

They also hope that other organisations and businesses will consider using the free and openly available data that underpins the site to create other applications.

A number of cities around the world have similar type dashboards as part of the growing development of so-called Smart Cities, but this is the first in Ireland.

The researchers, led by Professor Rob Kitchin, said they will in the future examine the feasibility of building similar dashboards for other cities here.

The team said people should not be concerned about privacy as all the data that is gathered and used in the project is anonymised.